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ProgramsIT/CSIT(Postgrad)GradDipITGraduate Diploma in Information Technology (till 2014) (2014)

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Year 1 - Semester 1

TypeCPCP From
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Foundation Units
Specialist Units

Year 1 - Semester 2

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Foundation Units
Specialist Units

Note:   The Graduate Diploma requires total of 36 credit points from either Foundation or Specialist units. There is no requirement to take a specific proportion of one group or the other. Students who are planning to articulate to the Master of Information Technology will need to keep in mind the major that they are likely to follow. Students should review the Master of Information Technology programs in planning their Graduate Diploma enrolment and seek academic advice on the best units to choose.

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Block 1 - Foundation Units (Max CP: 24)

Unit Code Unit Name CP Sessions Offered
COMP5028 Object-Oriented Design 6
COMP5114 Digital Media Fundamentals 6
COMP5116 Design of Networks & Distributed Systems 6 Semester 2
COMP5138 Database Management Systems 6
COMP5206 Information Technologies and Systems 6 Semester 1
Semester 2
COMP5211 Algorithms 6
COMP5214 Software Development in Java 6
INFO5001 System Analysis and Modelling 6
INFO5003 Information Technology for Health Professionals 6
PUBH5018 Introductory Biostatistics 6 Semester 1
STAT5002 Introduction to Statistics 6 Semester 1
Semester 2

Note: Candidates may complete up-to 24 credit points from the listed Foundation Units. Please note that some of these Foundation Units are co-taught with the corresponding undergraduate lectures of the School of Information Technologies.

COMP5206 Introduction to Information Systems is a pre-requisite for all INFS6xxx units of study.

Note that STAT5002 is a new unit in 2014. Sessions available are to be advised. For current status of this unit click on the unit code or name in the table above.

Block 2 - Specialist Units (Min CP: 12,Max CP: 24)

Unit Code Unit Name CP Sessions Offered
CISS6022 Cybersecurity 6 Semester 2
COMP5045 Computational Geometry 6 Semester 1
COMP5046 Natural Language Processing 6 Semester 1
COMP5047 Pervasive Computing 6 Semester 2
COMP5048 Visual Analytics 6 Semester 1
Semester 2
COMP5216 Mobile Computing 6 Semester 2
COMP5313 Large Scale Networks 6 Semester 1
COMP5318 Machine Learning and Data Mining 6 Semester 1
Semester 2
COMP5338 Advanced Data Models 6 Semester 2
COMP5347 Web Application Development 6 Semester 1
COMP5348 Enterprise Scale Software Architecture 6 Semester 1
COMP5349 Cloud Computing 6 Semester 1
COMP5415 Multimedia Design and Authoring 6 Semester 2
COMP5416 Advanced Network Technologies 6 Semester 2
COMP5424 Information Technology in Biomedicine 6 Semester 1
COMP5425 Multimedia Retrieval 6 Semester 1
COMP5426 Parallel and Distributed Computing 6 Semester 1
COMP5427 Usability Engineering 6 Semester 1
COMP5456 Introduction to Bioinformatics [not running] 6 Semester 2
ELEC5507 Error Control Coding 6 Semester 1
ELEC5508 Wireless Engineering 6 Semester 2
ELEC5509 Mobile Networks 6 Semester 1
ELEC5510 Satellite Communication Systems 6 Semester 2
ELEC5511 Optical Communication Systems 6 Semester 1
ELEC5512 Optical Networks 6 Semester 2
ELEC5614 Real Time Computing 6 Semester 1
ELEC5616 Computer and Network Security 6 Semester 1
ELEC5619 Object Oriented Application Frameworks 6 Semester 2
HIMT5058 Health Informatics Applications 6 Semester 1
HIMT5060 Integration for Health Informatics 6 Semester 2
HIMT5069 Health Care Systems 6 Do not offer
IDEA9106 Design Thinking 6 Semester 1
Semester 2
INFO5010 IT Advanced Topic A 6 Semester 1
Semester 2
INFO5011 IT Advanced Topic B 6 Semester 1
Semester 2
INFO5060 Data Analytics and Business Intelligence 6 Int July
INFO5301 Information Security Management 6 Semester 1
INFO5306 Enterprise Healthcare Information Systems 6 Semester 2
INFO5991 Services Science Management and Engineering 6 Semester 2
INFO6007 Project Management in IT 6 Semester 1
Semester 2
INFO6010 Advanced Topics in IT Project Management 6 Semester 2
INFS6012 Enterprise Systems Management 6 Semester 1
INFS6017 Strategic Information & Knowledge Mgmt 6 Semester 2
ISYS5070 Change Management in IT 6 Int January
Int July
PMGT6867 Quantitative Methods: Project Management 6 Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 1 Online
Semester 2 Online
PUBH5010 Epidemiology Methods and Uses 6 Semester 1
STAT5003 Computational Statistical Methods 6 Semester 1
Semester 2

Note: The Graduate Diploma requires a minimum of 12 credit points overall from Specialist Units.

A maximum of 18 credit points may be selected with the approval of the Program Director, from units outside the School of IT (different unit codes than COMP or INFO), of which no more than 12 credit points may be from even outside the Faculty of Engineering and IT (for example unit codes starting with HIMT or INFS).

Course: Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (till 2014) (2014)
CP Required: 36
Min FT Duration: 1.00 Years
Min PT Duration: 4.00 Years
Faculty/School: University Archive
Years Offered: 2014, 2013, 2012
Requirements: To qualify for the Graduate Diploma in Information Technology a candidate must complete 36 credit points, including:

(a) a maximum of 24 credit points of the Foundational units of study; and

(b) a minimum of 12 credit points of the Specialist units of study.
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