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ProgramsEngBE Hons 2015+BE HonsElectrical (Power) (2015)

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Year 1 - Semester 1

TypeCPCP From
6ENGG1805: Professional Engineering and IT
6INFO1103: Introduction to Programming

Note:  This unit is discontinued from 2018. Replacement unit is INFO1113.
3MATH1001: Differential Calculus

Note:  This unit is discontinued from 2018. Replacement unit is MATH1021.
3MATH1002: Linear Algebra
6PHYS1001: Physics 1 (Regular)

Year 1 - Semester 2

TypeCPCP From
6ELEC1601: Introduction to Computer Systems
6INFO1105: Data Structures

Note:  This unit is discontinued from 2018. Replacement unit is COMP2123.
3MATH1003: Integral Calculus and Modelling

Note:  This unit is discontinued from 2018. Replacement unit is MATH1023.
3MATH1005: Statistics
6PHYS1003: Physics 1 (Technological)

Year 2 - Semester 1

TypeCPCP From
6ELEC1103: Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
6COMP2129: Operating Systems and Machine Principles

Note:  This unit is discontinued from 2018. Replacement unit is COMP2017.
6ELEC2602: Digital Logic
6MATH2061: Linear Mathematics and Vector Calculus

Year 2 - Semester 2

TypeCPCP From
6ELEC2103: Simulation and Numerical Solutions in Engineering
6ELEC2104: Electronic Devices and Circuits
6ELEC2302: Signals and Systems
6PHYS2213: Physics 2EE

Year 3 - Semester 1

TypeCPCP From
6ELEC3203: Electricity Networks
6ELEC3204: Power Electronics and Applications
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Year 3 - Semester 2

TypeCPCP From
6ELEC3206: Electrical Energy Conversion Systems
6ELEC3304: Control
12Select from

Year 4 - Semester 1

TypeCPCP From
0ELEC4702: Practical Experience
6ELEC4712: Thesis A
6ELEC5204: Power Systems Analysis and Protection
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Year 4 - Semester 2

TypeCPCP From
6ELEC4713: Thesis B
6ELEC5205: High Voltage Engineering
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Block 1 - Recommended (Min CP: 24,Max CP: 48)

Unit Code Unit Name CP Sessions Offered
ELEC3104 Engineering Electromagnetics 6 Semester 1
ELEC3305 Digital Signal Processing 6 Semester 1
ELEC3404 Electronic Circuit Design 6 Semester 1
ELEC3405 Communications Electronics and Photonics 6 Semester 2
ELEC3505 Communications 6 Semester 1
ELEC3506 Data Communications and the Internet 6 Semester 2
ELEC3607 Embedded Systems 6 Semester 1
ELEC3608 Computer Architecture 6 Semester 2
ELEC3609 Internet Software Platforms 6 Semester 2
ELEC3610 E-Business Analysis and Design 6 Semester 1
ELEC3702 Management for Engineers 6 Semester 2
ELEC3802 Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering 6 Semester 1
ELEC3803 Bioelectronics [not offered in 2020] 6 Semester 2
ELEC4505 Digital Communication Systems 6 Semester 1
ELEC4706 Project Management 6 Semester 1
ELEC5101 Antennas and Propagation 6 Semester 2
ELEC5203 Topics in Power Engineering 6 Semester 2
ELEC5206 Sustainable Energy Systems 6 Semester 2
ELEC5207 Advanced Power Conversion Technologies 6 Semester 2
ELEC5208 Intelligent Electricity Networks 6 Semester 1
ELEC5211 Power System Dynamics and Control 6 Semester 1
ELEC5212 Power System Planning and Markets 6 Semester 2
ELEC5303 Computer Control System Design [Not Offered 2019] 6 Semester 1
ELEC5402 Digital Integrated Circuit Design 6
ELEC5403 Radio Frequency Engineering 6 Semester 1
ELEC5507 Error Control Coding 6 Semester 1
ELEC5508 Wireless Engineering 6 Semester 2
ELEC5509 Mobile Networks 6 Semester 1
ELEC5510 Satellite Communication Systems 6 Semester 2
ELEC5511 Optical Communication Systems 6 Semester 1
ELEC5512 Optical Networks 6 Semester 2
ELEC5514 Networked Embedded Systems 6 Semester 2
ELEC5516 Electrical and Optical Sensor Design 6 Semester 1
ELEC5614 Real Time Computing 6 Semester 1
ELEC5615 Advanced Computer Architecture 6 Semester 1
ELEC5616 Computer and Network Security 6 Semester 1
ELEC5617 Topics in Software Engineering 6 Semester 2
ELEC5618 Software Quality Engineering 6 Semester 1
ELEC5619 Object Oriented Application Frameworks 6 Semester 2
ELEC5620 Model Based Software Engineering 6 Semester 2
ELEC5621 Digital Systems Design 6
ELEC5622 Signals, Software and Health 6 Semester 2
ELEC5701 Technology Venture Creation 6 Semester 2
ELEC5803 Advanced Bioelectronics [Not Offered 2019] 6 Semester 1
ELECTIVE Free Electives 24  
Course: Electrical (Power) (2015)
CP Required: 192
Min FT Duration: 4.00 Years
Min PT Duration: 4.00 Years
Faculty/School: Faculty of Engineering
Years Offered: 2016, 2015
Requirements: The Mathematics; Physics and Information Technology units of study may be replaced by equivalent advanced level units of study (if available) subject to prerequisite conditions being met.

Student are required to achieve a 65% average throughout the BE(Hons) degree program. Students not meeting this requirement will be awarded the PASS degree Bachelor of Engineering.

Candidates for the four-year Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree in Electrical(Power) Engineering are required to complete a total of not less than 192 credit points including at least 168 credit points made up of units from the table of core units and recommended units of study. The additional 24 credit points may consist; in whole or in part; of free elective units of study approved by the Head of School.

Recommended units of study for Electrical(Power) Engineering; consist of: All level 3; 4 and 5 ELEC units which do not appear in the table of core units; and such other units of study as may be so designated by the Head of School.
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