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ProgramsEngBE HonsBEHons2015BE(Hons)(Biomed)Biomedical - Mechatronics Major (2015)

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Year 1 - Semester 1

TypeCPCP From
6CHEM1101: Chemistry 1A
6ENGG1801: Engineering Computing
6ENGG1960: Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
3MATH1001: Differential Calculus

Note:  This unit is discontinued from 2018. Replacement unit is MATH1021.
3MATH1002: Linear Algebra

Note:   The semester enrolment sequence shown in these tables is recommended for Biomedical Engineering students majoring in Mechatronic Engineering. Majors in other areas are also available but will require a different sequence for completion within the expected four year timeframe.

Year 1 - Semester 2

TypeCPCP From
6ENGG1802: Engineering Mechanics
3MATH1003: Integral Calculus and Modelling

Note:  This unit is discontinued from 2018. Replacement unit is MATH1023.
3MATH1005: Statistical Thinking with Data
6MBLG1001: Molecular Biology and Genetics (Intro)
6MTRX1702: Mechatronics 1

Year 2 - Semester 1

TypeCPCP From
6ELEC1103: Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
6AMME2500: Engineering Dynamics
6MATH2067: DEs and Vector Calculus for Engineers
6MTRX2700: Mechatronics 2

Year 2 - Semester 2

TypeCPCP From
6AMME1362: Introduction to Engineering Materials
6CHEM1102: Chemistry 1B
6AMME2301: Mechanics of Solids
6MECH2901: Anatomy and Physiology for Engineers

Year 3 - Semester 1

TypeCPCP From
6AMME3500: System Dynamics and Control
6MECH3660: Manufacturing Engineering

Note:  From 2018 BE(Biomedical) students should take AMME3660 instead of MECH3660.
12Select from
Recommended Biomedical Electives

Year 3 - Semester 2

TypeCPCP From
6ELEC2104: Electronic Devices and Circuits
6MECH2400: Mechanical Systems Design 1
6MECH3921: Biomedical Design and Technology
6MTRX3700: Mechatronics 3

Year 4 - Semester 1

TypeCPCP From
6ELEC3404: Electronic Circuit Design
6AMME4111: Thesis A
6AMME4971: Tissue Engineering
0ENGG4000: Practical Experience
6Select from
AMME4981: Applied Biomedical Engineering
COMP5424: Information Technology in Biomedicine

Note:  COMP5456 in semester 2 is an acceptable alternative.

Year 4 - Semester 2

TypeCPCP From
6AMME4112: Thesis B
6AMME4790: Introduction to Biomechatronics
6MECH4961: Biomechanics and Biomaterials
6Recommended Biomedical Electives

No streams/majors defined for this course version.

Block 1 - Year 4 Applied Biomedical Computing Units (Min CP: 6,Max CP: 6)

Unit Code Unit Name CP Sessions Offered
AMME4981 Applied Biomedical Engineering 6 Semester 1
COMP5424 Information Technology in Biomedicine 6 Semester 1
COMP5456 Introduction to Bioinformatics [not running] 6 Semester 2

Block 2 - Recommended Biomedical Electives (Min CP: 18,Max CP: 18)

Unit Code Unit Name CP Sessions Offered
AMME4710 Computer Vision and Image Processing 6 Semester 2
AMME4990 Biomedical Product Development 6 Semester 1
AMME4992 Regulatory Affairs in the Medical Industry 6 Semester 2
AMME5931 Nanomaterials in Medicine 6 Semester 1
AMME5951 Fundamentals of Neuromodulation 6 Semester 1
AMME5962 Introduction to Mechanobiology 6 Semester 2
AMME5995 Advanced Bionics 6 Semester 1
CHNG5601 Membrane Science 6 Semester 1
CHNG5602 Biophysics and Biosensors 6 Semester 2
CHNG5603 Advanced Industrial Modelling and Analysis 6 Semester 1
CHNG5604 Advanced Membrane Engineering 6 Semester 2
CHNG5605 Bio-Products: Laboratory to Marketplace 6 Semester 2
COMP5048 Visual Analytics 6 Semester 1
Semester 2
ELEC3305 Digital Signal Processing 6 Semester 1
ELEC3803 Bioelectronics [not offered in 2021] 6 Semester 2
ELEC5514 IoT Wireless Sensing and Networking 6 Semester 2
ELEC5614 Real Time Computing 6 Semester 1
ELEC5701 Technology Venture Creation [not offered in 2021] 6 Semester 2
MECH4902 Orthopaedic and Surgical Engineering 6 Semester 2
MECH5720 Sensors and Signals 6 Semester 2
MECH5907 Orthopaedic and Surgical Engineering 6 Semester 2
MTRX5700 Experimental Robotics 6 Semester 1

Note: MECH4902 has been replaced by MECH5907 from 2017. At least 18 credit points (three units of study) must be selected from the units listed above including at least one of the following: AMME4990, AMME4992, CHNG5605 or ELEC5701.

Course: Biomedical - Mechatronics Major (2015)
CP Required: 192
Min FT Duration: 4.00 Years
Min PT Duration: 4.00 Years
Faculty/School: Faculty of Engineering
Years Offered: 2016, 2015
Requirements: Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Engineering(Honours)(Biomedical) are required to complete 192 credit points comprising (a) 144 credit points of the core and elective Biomedical Engineering units of study plus (b) 48 credit points in a specialist major offered by the Faculty as shown in the accompanying tables. Students who do not meet the Honours requirement of 65% average marks throughout their program will be awarded the PASS degree, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical).

Acceptable alternative units of study

Most units of study offered by the Science Faculty shown in the tables can be replaced by an equivalent advanced level unit, subject to prerequisite conditions (as required by the Faculty of Science) being met. Students considering doing advanced options should seek advice from their department before enrolling.

Study abroad

Students undertaking Study Abroad in a particular year of their degree must enrol in the appropriate International Exchange Program units of study as an alternative to a semester's standard units.
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