Faculty of Engineering

Aeronautical (Space) (2016)

Note: This course version applies only to students first enrolling in 2016.

1. Overview

Course: Aeronautical (Space) (2016)
CP Required: 192
Min FT Duration: 4.00 Years
Min PT Duration: 4.00 Years
Faculty/School: Faculty of Engineering
Years Offered: 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2016, 2015

2. Requirements

Most units of study offered by the Science Faculty shown above can be replaced by an equivalent advanced level unit; subject to prerequisite conditions (as required by the Faculty of Science) being met. Students considering doing advanced options should seek advice from their department before enrolling.

Students undertaking Study Abroad in a particular year of their degree must enrol in the appropriate International Exchange Program units of study as an alternative to a semester`s standard units.

All candidates are required to complete a minimum of 192 credit points and a Practical Experience period to be eligible for the award of the degree of BE(Hons)(Aeronautical)(Space). Students are required to complete a minimum of 30 credits of recommended Aeronautical units from the elective table.

Students not meeting the Honours requirement of an average mark of 65% throughout their degree will be awarded the PASS degree Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical)(Space).

3. Semesters

Year 1 - Semester 1

Type CP CP From

Note: From 2016 onward Space Engineering will be offered as a Major in the Aeronautical, Mechanical or Mechatronic streams. It will no longer be available as a stand-alone stream.

see http://cusp.sydney.edu.au/students/view-degree-page/stream/4586/dvid/1922

4. Pathways

No streams/majors defined for this course version.

5. Unit Blocks

No Unit Tables defined for this course version.