Faculty of Engineering

Project Management

Bachelor of Project Management (Software) (2016)

Note: This course version applies only to students first enrolling in 2016.
WARNING: This course version is currently under review and is subject to change.

1. Overview

Course: Bachelor of Project Management (Software) (2016)
CP Required: 144
Min FT Duration: 3.00 Years
Min PT Duration: N/A
Faculty/School: Project Management
Years Offered: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

2. Requirements

To qualify for the award of the pass degree, a candidate must successfully complete 144 credit points, comprising:

(a) 84 Credit Points of core units of study as set out in the Bachelor of Project Management unit of study table;

(b) 48 Credit Points of units of study specified for the relevant stream of the degree as set out in the Bachelor of Project Management Unit of Study table, and

(c) Any additional elective units of study that are applicable to the Bachelor of Project Management; and/or a maximum of 12 credit points of free electives; as may be necessary to gain credit to complete the requirements of the degree.

3. Semesters

Year 1 - Semester 1

Type CP CP From
6 ENGG1801: Engineering Computing
6 ENGG1850: Introduction to Project Management
6 INFO1103: Introduction to Programming
3 MATH1001: Differential Calculus

Note: This unit is discontinued from 2018. Replacement unit is MATH1021.
3 MATH1002: Linear Algebra

Year 1 - Semester 2

Type CP CP From
6 BUSS1040: Economics for Business Decision Making
6 INFO1105: Data Structures
3 MATH1003: Integral Calculus and Modelling

Note: This unit is discontinued from 2018. Replacement unit is MATH1023.
3 MATH1005: Statistics
6 PSYC1002: Psychology 1002

Note: Students who fail PSYC1002 in 2016, can either take up PSYC1001 in S1 of 2017 or PMGT1852 in S2 2017.

Year 2 - Semester 1

Type CP CP From
6 ENGG2850: Project Cost and Finance
6 ENGG2851: Project Analytics
6 ENGG2855: Project Acceptance
6 INFO2120: Database Systems 1

Year 2 - Semester 2

Type CP CP From
6 ENGG2852: Project Based Organisational Behaviour [not offered in 2020]

Note: This unit is discontinued from 2019. Replacement unit is PMGT2854.
6 INFO2110: Systems Analysis and Modelling
12 Electives.

Note: From 2019, students are recommended to take PMGT2821 Project Conflict Management and PMGT2822 Reframing Projects.

Year 3 - Semester 1

Type CP CP From
6 ELEC3610: E-Business Analysis and Design
6 ENGG3853: Project Risk Management: Tools & Techniques
6 PMGT3850: Project Management Capstone Project A
6 PMGT3858: Adapting to Project Context

Year 3 - Semester 2

Type CP CP From
6 ELEC3609: Internet Software Platforms
6 ENGG3854: Legal Aspects of Projects
6 PMGT3851: Project Management Capstone Project B
6 PMGT3855: Project Variance Analysis

4. Pathways

No streams/majors defined for this course version.

5. Unit Blocks

Block 1 - BPM Other Recommended Electives

Unit Code Unit Name CP Sessions Offered
CIVL2110 Materials 6 Semester 1
CIVL2511 Research Techniques 6 Semester 2
CIVL2611 Introductory Fluid Mechanics 6 Semester 2
COMP2007 Algorithms and Complexity 6 Semester 2
COMP2022 Models of Computation 6 Semester 2
COMP2121 Principles of Distributed Systems and Networks 6 Semester 2
COMP2129 Operating Systems and Machine Principles 6 Semester 1
DAAE2002 Architecture, Place and Society 6 Semester 1
DAAE2008 Innovative Building Structures 6 Semester 2
DAAE2009 Designing Effective Visual Communication 6 Semester 1
DECO2103 3D Modelling and Fabrication 6 Semester 2
INFO2315 Introduction to IT Security 6 Semester 2
MATH2061 Linear Mathematics and Vector Calculus 6 Semester 1
Summer Main
MATH2065 Partial Differential Equations (Intro) 6 Semester 2
Summer Main
MATH2067 DEs and Vector Calculus for Engineers 6 Semester 1
MATH2068 Number Theory and Cryptography 6 Semester 2
MATH2069 Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory 6 Semester 1
MATH2070 Optimisation and Financial Mathematics 6 Semester 2
PSYC1002 Psychology 1002 6 Semester 2
Summer Main
QBUS2320 Methods of Decision Analysis 6 Semester 1
QBUS2810 Statistical Modelling for Business 6 Semester 1
QBUS2820 Predictive Analytics 6 Semester 2
WORK2201 Foundations of Management 6 Semester 1
WORK2209 Organisational Analysis and Behaviour 6 Semester 1
Semester 2
WORK2210 Strategic Management 6 Semester 1
Semester 2
WORK2211 Human Resource Strategies 6 Semester 2
WORK2218 People and Organisations 6 Semester 1
Semester 2
WORK2221 Organisational Communication 6 Semester 1
Semester 2
WORK2222 Leadership in Organisations 6 Semester 1
Semester 2

Note: Alternative elective units may be taken with approval of the Head of School.