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COMP5707: Information Technology Capstone A (2020 - Semester 1)

Unit: COMP5707: Information Technology Capstone A (6 CP)
Mode: Normal-Day
On Offer: Yes
Level: Postgraduate
Faculty/School: School of Computer Science
Unit Coordinator/s: Osop, Hamzah
Session options: Semester 1, Semester 2
Versions for this Unit:
Campus: Camperdown/Darlington
Pre-Requisites: A part time enrolled candidate for the MIT, MITM or MIT/MITM who has completed 24 credit points from Core, Specialist or Foundation units of study may take this unit.
Prohibitions: COMP5702 OR COMP5704 OR COMP5703. Eligible students of the IT Capstone Project may choose either COMP5703 or COMP5707/COMP5708.
Brief Handbook Description: The Information Technology Capstone project provides an opportunity for enrolled part-time students to carry out an IT capstone project, independently. Students will be expected to choose an IT capstone project that demonstrates their prior learning in their advanced IT specialist domain (MIT) or the management of IT (MITM) or both technical and IT management domains (MIT/MITM) and apply them to the project. The learning outcomes are assessed by written reports (i.e. proposal, progress report, and final report).

It is not expected that the project outcomes from this unit will represent a significant contribution to new knowledge (i.e. research project).

The unit aims is to fosters the development of IT skills in research or design for part-time student.

The IT Capstone project spans over two consecutive semesters where COMP5707 is for the first enrolled semester and COMP5708 is for the second enrolled semester and can only be taken by part-time students.
Assumed Knowledge: None.
Additional Notes: A candidate for the MDS, MIT, MITM or MIT / MITM who has completed 24 credit points from Core, Specialist or Foundation units of study may take this unit.

Departmental permission is required for enrolment.

Eligible students for the IT Capstone project will be required to complete both COMP5707 (6 CPS) & COMP5708 (6 CPS), totaling 12 CPS.

This unit is only for part-time students.
Department Permission Department permission is required for enrollment in this session.