Faculty: Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies

Department: Electrical and Information Engineering

Foundations of Engineering Mechanics (ENGG5802)


The unit aims to provide students with an understanding of and competence in solving statics and introductory dynamics problems in engineering. Tutorial sessions will help students to improve their group work and problem solving skills, and gain competency in extracting a simplified version of a problem from a complex situation. Emphasis is placed on the ability to work in 3D as well as 2D, including the 2D and 3D visualization of structures and structural components, and the vectorial 2D and 3D representations of spatial points, forces and moments. Introduction to kinematics and dynamics topics includes position, velocity and acceleration of a point; relative motion, force and acceleration, momentum, collisions and energy methods.

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2 hrs Lectures per week, 3hrs tutorial per week


Through semester assessment (100%)

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ENGG5802: Foundations of Engineering Mechanics

The full outline of this unit is not available via the CUSP system. More details about this unit may be found on the Sydney Courses system. Check ENGG5802 for further information.