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COMP5349: Cloud Computing (2020 - Semester 1)

Unit: COMP5349: Cloud Computing (6 CP)
Mode: Normal-Day
On Offer: Yes
Level: Postgraduate
Faculty/School: School of Computer Science
Unit Coordinator/s: Dr Zhou, Ying
Session options: Semester 1
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Campus: Camperdown/Darlington
Pre-Requisites: None.
Brief Handbook Description: This unit covers topics of active and cutting-edge research within IT in the area of 'Cloud Computing' and 'Big Data'.

Cloud Computing is an emerging paradigm of utilising large-scale computing services over the Internet that will affect individual and organization’s computing needs from small to large. Over the last decade, many cloud computing platforms have been set up by companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce and Facebook. Some of the platforms are open to public via various pricing models. They operate at different levels and enable business to harness different computing power from the cloud.

The unit covers the important enabling technologies of cloud computing and explores the state-of-the art platforms and the existing services. In terms of cloud applications, the unit focuses on a particular area: big data analytics and storage. The unit will explore a few influential big data frameworks and give student hands on experience on various types of big data workloads. Through out the semester, students are expected to develop broad knowledge in the cloud computing area, to experience a range of cloud services and to build solid skills on big data analytics.
Assumed Knowledge: COMP5214 OR COMP9103. Good programming skills, especially in Java for the practical assignment, as well as proficiency in databases and SQL. The unit is expected to be taken after introductory courses in related units such as COMP5214 or COMP9103 Software Development in JAVA.