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COMP9601: Computer and Network Organisation (2020 - Semester 1)

Unit: COMP9601: Computer and Network Organisation (6 CP)
Mode: Normal-Evening
On Offer: Yes
Level: Postgraduate
Faculty/School: School of Computer Science
Unit Coordinator/s: Dr Bao, Wei
Session options: Semester 1
Versions for this Unit:
Campus: Camperdown/Darlington
Pre-Requisites: None.
Prohibitions: COMP5213.
Brief Handbook Description: This unit of study provides an introduction to computer organisation and network protocols. It covers a broad range of topics including computer hardware, software architecture (operating systems, compilers, etc), and principles of communication network protocols. It is designed to give students an understanding of how software programs operate and run inside the computer hardware, and therefore the knowledge how to use computers most effectively.
Assumed Knowledge: None.