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PMGT2821: Project Conflict Management (2020 - Semester 2)

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Unit: PMGT2821: Project Conflict Management (6 CP)
Mode: Normal-Day
On Offer: Yes
Level: Intermediate
Faculty/School: Project Management
Unit Coordinator/s: Ang, Karyne
Session options: Semester 2
Versions for this Unit:
Campus: Camperdown/Darlington
Pre-Requisites: PMGT1852.
Brief Handbook Description: All projects exist in the context of conflicting priorities. Conflict can start from the point of inception when there may be different ideas about what should be achieved in a project. It can continue through negotiation of contracts to deliver the work, to robust discussion as to what counts as acceptable upon delivery. This Unit develops students’ ability to anticipate, understand and ameliorate conflict, reaching negotiated agreements that are acceptable to all parties. Unexpected conflict crises also arise requiring project managers to mediate an outcome that allows the project to move forward.

This unit helps students understand multiple perspectives of stakeholders, build interpersonal skills and integrity to resolve conflicts in a constructive manner.
Assumed Knowledge: None.
Lecturer/s: Anichenko, Kate
Timetable: PMGT2821 Timetable
Time Commitment:
# Activity Name Hours per Week Sessions per Week Weeks per Semester
1 Lecture 2.00 1 13
2 Tutorial 2.00 1 12

Learning outcomes are the key abilities and knowledge that will be assessed in this unit. They are listed according to the course goal supported by each. See Assessment Tab for details how each outcome is assessed.

People, Roles and Relationships (Level 2)
1. Identify and analyse the human and other causes and consequences of conflicts and crises
2. Develop and evaluate options and alternatives with the potential to meet the needs of all parties
3. Plan for and reach negotiated agreements that are acceptable to all parties
4. Define the difference between conflict and crisis situation and identify the stages in escalation
5. Apply mediation techniques to resolve conflicts (and crises)
6. Select and apply systems thinking tools and methods to management of conflicts and crises within a range of project contexts
7. Identify and share learning from conflicts and crises to improve future practice
Assessment Methods:
# Name Group Weight Due Week Outcomes
1 Individual Assignment No 30.00 Week 5 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
2 Individual Assignment 2 Yes 30.00 Week 8 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
3 Individual Test No 10.00 Multiple Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
4 Presentation Yes 30.00 Week 12 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
Assessment Description: Individual Assignment - Given a project scenario, students to define and explain the steps that need to be taken to resolve a conflict situation.

Individual Assignment 2 - Given a project scenario, students to analyse the causes of the conflict from multiple perspectives, using systems thinking tools and outline an approach to resolve the conflict and embed lessons learned, referring to the academic literature.

Individual Test - Multiple choice questions testing understanding of principle-based dispute management and characteristics of standard dispute resolution mechanisms.

Group Presentation - students to analyse conflict from multiple perspective and present to the class findings on the underlying causes between the conflicting sides.

Note that the "Weeks" referred to in this Schedule are those of the official university semester calendar

Week Description
Week 5 Assessment Due: Individual Assignment
Week 8 Assessment Due: Individual Assignment 2
Week 12 Assessment Due: Presentation

Course Relations

The following is a list of courses which have added this Unit to their structure.

Course Year(s) Offered
Aeronautical/ Project Management 2019, 2020
Biomedical/ Project Management 2019, 2020
Chemical & Biomolecular/ Project Management 2019, 2020
Civil/ Project Management 2019, 2020
Electrical/ Project Management 2019, 2020
Mechanical/ Project Management 2019, 2020
Mechatronic/ Project Management 2019, 2020
Software/ Project Management 2019, 2020
Bachelor of Project Management- Built Environment Major (Table A) 2019, 2020
Bachelor of Project Management- Construction Major (Table A) 2019, 2020
Bachelor of Project Management- Table S Major 2019, 2020

Course Goals

This unit contributes to the achievement of the following course goals:

Attribute Practiced Assessed
Strategic Perspective (Level 2) No 0%
People, Roles and Relationships (Level 2) No 100%
Technical Expertise (Level 2) No 0%

These goals are selected from Project Management Learning Progression Table 2019 which defines overall goals for courses where this unit is primarily offered. See Project Management Learning Progression Table 2019 for details of the attributes and levels to be developed in the course as a whole. Percentage figures alongside each course goal provide a rough indication of their relative weighting in assessment for this unit. Note that not all goals are necessarily part of assessment. Some may be more about practice activity. See Learning outcomes for details of what is assessed in relation to each goal and Assessment for details of how the outcome is assessed. See Attributes for details of practice provided for each goal.