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Year 1 - Semester 1

TypeCPCP From
6ENGG1805: Professional Engineering and IT
6INFO1103: Introduction to Programming

Note:  Student wishing to proceed into the Engineering stream of Biomedical, Mechatronics or Mechatronics(Space) should replace INFO1103 with ENGG1801 Engineering Computing an alternative core unit.
3MATH1001: Differential Calculus
3MATH1002: Linear Algebra
6Junior Arts Units

Note:  Engineering/Arts combined degrees require 240 credit points, including 84 credit points from Arts subject areas, with a major in one Arts discipline, plus units prescribed for the Engineering specialisation. For further details.Consult resolutions for Combined Engineering /Arts degree in Faculty handbooks at

Note:   At the end of semester 1 students choose a stream of Engineering for which they are eligible. Students transfer to that stream to complete the degree.

No streams/majors defined for this course version.

Block 3 - Junior Arts Units

Note: Junior Arts units should be selected in first year so as to ensure that 84 credit points of Arts units, including one major, can be completed across degree as a whole. Every major requires at least 24 credit points of senior units plus varying amounts of intermediate and junior credit points as prerequisites for the senior units. For details of specific units of study and majors please see Arts Faculty handbook at

Course: Flexible First Year (Stream B) / Arts (2013)
CP Required: 24
Min FT Duration: 0.50 Years
Min PT Duration: N/A
Faculty/School: University Archive
Years Offered: 2014, 2013
Requirements: 1. To qualify for the award of a combined Engineering/Science degree a student shall complete units of study to a total value of at least 240 credit points including:

* 96 credit points from science subject areas

* units of study as prescribed in the BE Specialisation Requirement tables for the specialisation that the student is pursuing, and

* a major in a science area.

2. The Mathematics, Physics and Information Technology units of study may be replaced by equivalent advanced level units of study (if available) subject to prerequisite conditions being met.

3. Students in the Honours program must enrol in ELEC4712 & ELEC4713, students in the Pass Program must enrol in ELEC4710 & ELEC4711.
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