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Year 1 - Semester 1

SITS Diet Block/TypeCPUnit of Study/Unit Block
6PMGT5860: Project Leadership Thesis A
6PMGT5898: Systems Thinking
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Leadership Electives

Year 1 - Semester 2

SITS Diet Block/TypeCPUnit of Study/Unit Block
6PMGT5861: Project Leadership Thesis B
6PMGT5896: Sustainable Project Practice
6PMGT6891: Risk Dynamics and Resilience
6Leadership Electives

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Block 1 - Leadership Electives (Min CP: 18,Max CP: 18)

Unit Code Unit Name CP Sessions Offered
PMGT5875 Project Innovation Management 6 Semester 2 Online
Semester 2 Block Mode
PMGT5876 Change Implementation 6 Semester 1
Semester 1 Online
PMGT5897 Disaster Project Management 6 Semester 2 Online
Int July
PMGT6871 Project Planning and Governance 6 Semester 1
PMGT6872 Project Leadership and Communications 6 Semester 1
PMGT6873 Project Economics and Investment 6 Semester 2
PMGT6885 Project Management Special Topic 6 Semester 1
Semester 2
Int July
PMGT6888 International Project Study Tour 6 Semester 1
Int February
Int June

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Block 3 - Exchange Units (Max CP: 12)

Unit Code Unit Name CP Sessions Offered
ENGG5231 Engineering Graduate Exchange A 6 Int January
Int July
ENGG5232 Engineering Graduate Exchange B 6 Int January
Int July

Note: Exchange units may be taken as Core or Elective units with the approval of the Program Director

Course: Master of Project Leadership (2022)
CP Required: 48
Min FT Duration: 1.00 Years
Min PT Duration: 1.50 Years
Faculty/School: Project Management
Years Offered: 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012
Requirements: To qualify for the award of the Master of Project Leadership a candidate must complete 48 credit points of course related units as listed in the course tables.

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